Chefmaster Insect Control Unit & Fly Screen
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Chefmaster Insect Control Unit & Fly Screen

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Chefmaster Insect Control Unit & Fly Screen. Insect Control unit utilizes the UV light to attract the flying insects by the light-sensitive and then subsequently electrocuted them on the inner grids. The flying insects are then safety falls into the large removable tray so the user will be easily to cleaning away. Magnetic transformer is home-made with full copper wired inside to ensure the 100% killing rate. Outer mesh is GS standard for high safety assurance. It is suitable for hotel restaurant and food industry, hospital, storage, kitchen area use etc. It�s made for wall mounting or suspending. Insect Control unit is environmentally friendly with no chemicals, fumes and smells. Safety and Effective. Approved by EN60335-2-59 (insect killer standard) and all of our products are approved by CE, TUV-GS, and RoHS,etc. Average working life of the tube is 8000 � 10000 hours . Fly Screen is created by 79 chain by ALUMINIUM IN SILVER. It’s effective protector against flying insects to disturb in the working / cooking place. Chain door design is very convenient for you to easily walk through and is also well ventilated. Please note: No fittings supplied with flyscreen.

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Dimensions 34 × 26 cm