Chefmaster Salamander Grill
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Chefmaster Salamander Grill

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Electric Salamander is ideal for overhead grilling of steaks, fish, gammon, chops, sausages, etc. and for gratin work. Complete delicious dishes from melting the cheese to creating a glaze. Salamander can make a big impact on how the dish looks and taste when serve on the table. It also enables flash heating and browning of dishes prior to serving. Unit surface is stainless steel concise appearance, suitable for everyone. High quality control system of heating, durable and quality assurance. Easy operation with energy controller, timer, control lamp, heating element. With the thermal insulation layer, increase efficiency of safety. Removable grill grid with heat insulated handles, and with stainless tell housing enables easy cleaning. Input Voltage: 230V / 50Hz. Power: 2000W.

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Dimensions 61 × 29.8 cm