Looblade Toilet Brush & Holder
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Looblade Toilet Brush & Holder

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LooBlade is better at getting under the rim than conventional brushes and also works as a plunger. It’s quick-drying, easy rinse and durable. It’s great for general use but also where brushes aren’t left next to toliets such as in hotel rooms and hospitals as it’s easily moved without unhygienic drips. Features include: SwipeClean technology, 8 blade flexible head swipe the surface clean and reaches under the rim with ease. Safe anit-bacterial additive kills 99.9% of germs, Unique hollow-point head helps clear blockages , Ventilated hold ensures any remaining moisture is quickly evaporated, Hydrophobic additives minimises dripping, dries quickly and improve hygiene

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Dimensions 12 × 42 cm