Revolution 2 Rnd Saute Pan 22cm 0.8L Cast Iron Style
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Revolution 2 Rnd Saute Pan 22cm 0.8L Cast Iron Style

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REVOLUTION 2 – An innovative and high-performing porcelain conceived to maintain your food at the right temperature. Twice as light as cast iron, perfectly stackable, Revolution 2 offers a large choice of containers adapted to your needs as well as a set of accessories designed with the greatest care. Whatever the theme or the venue chosen to set your buffet event, Revolution 2 offers solutions tailored to your needs. A perfectly flat dish base to maintain direct contact with cold and hot zones of your buffet. NON-POROUS Does not absorb oils, odours or bacteria and thus guarantees perfect hygiene and purity of flavours – HIGHLY RESISTANT to mechanical shocks and thermal shocks – 100% NATURAL with no impact on the environment, does not contain lead or cadmium and presents no risk of noxious migration into the food – FOOD GRADE complies with international regulations – DISWASHER SAFE Withstands industrial detergents and maintains its original state – MICROWAVE SAFE allows for food to be reheated without overheating the container – FREEZER SAFE (-20�C) – OVEN SAFE (+300�C) : Compatible with all professional ovens – SALAMANDER GRILL SAFE : Designed to withstand the very high temperatures of a grill