Rustic Serving Board With Handle 44 x 19cm
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Rustic Serving Board With Handle 44 x 19cm

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This beautiful olive wood board offers a rustic appeal to table settlings, buffet displays and food service counters. Perfect for individual or sharing portions this board can be used to serve main courses such as burgers or steaks. As a sharing platter it is perfect for cheeses, antipasti, fruit or breads and can be used in either traditional or modern settings. This dense wood is highly durable and is therefore perfect for food service with each piece offering a unique pattern due to the nature of the wood grain and also the artisan production. Every piece is different! The product is best when kept dry and seasoning occasionally with olive oil will preserve the appearance and durability. Do not soak in water – being a natural wood product this will cause swelling and warping of the product over time. Handwash with a damp cloth and dry immediately.

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Dimensions 44 × 2 cm