Chefmaster 6ltr Soup Kettle Black
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Chefmaster 6ltr Soup Kettle Black

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Soup Kettle 6L Black is Ideal for buffets, cafeterias or soup and salad bars. Soup kettle heats soup and mix the preference taste you want. Soup kettle includes spun aluminum cooker (water pan), stainless steel inset bowl, and hinged cover. Adjustable infinite thermostat provides precise temperature control for heating and holding a variety of food products. To avoid evaporation and to keep your soup hotter for longer, it has a stainless steel lid on the top. Lid with a hinge that user can be easily removed for cleaning. Specially designed wrap around element provides fast and even heating. Warming light indicates temperature settings. Including the magnetic soup name card holder & the reusable soup name cards. Capacity of kettle: 6L. Input Voltage: 220 – 240V / 50Hz. Power: 300W. Powder Coated Housing for SK6, Stainless Steel Housing for SK6-S

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Dimensions 350 cm