Kitchencraft World of Flavours Enamel Dip Set
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Kitchencraft World of Flavours Enamel Dip Set

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Made from light, durable enamel, this enamel dip set comes in a traditional, two-handled stockpot design. The bright, red, yellow and blue colouring cheers up any kitchen counter, or dining table. They’ll look great on your table. This set also comes with a carry tray for easy handling. Don’t just save them for nibbles. You can use them as dip bowls for a starter: fill with hummus, tzatziki and taramasalata, chop up some crudit�s and you�re ready to go. If you fancy going Italian, try topping them up with olives. Use one bowl for green olives, a second for black ones and fill the third with oil and balsamic vinegar, to use as a dipping bowl. Or why not try mixing and matching your favourites: guacamole, sauces, chutney, pickles. With these bowls, you’ll never run out of ideas, whether it’s a party or celebration, lunch, or even if you want to enjoy your me-time, kicking back with a few of your favourite snacks. With their space saving size, they’re great to use as side dishes too.

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Dimensions 35 × 12 × 5 cm