Slim Jim Lid Bottle / Cans Red
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Slim Jim Lid Bottle / Cans Red

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Slim Jim – Durable polyethylene construction; will not rust, peel or chip and resists dents, even outdoors. ??? Contemporary styling for waste disposal and separation anywhere ??? Efficiently sized and shaped for use in tight spaces ??? Available as unhandled o. o Range of lids available in different colours and with various apertures for easy identification and separation of waste o All lids fit all containers o Lids with holes for bottles and cans (Brown, Green, Red and Yellow) o Lid with slot for paper (Blue) o Lid with handle (Brown, Grey and Yellow) o Swing lid (Black and Grey) . For use with E8778, E6774, E5039, E5047, E7007, E7008, E7009 Containers