Theta Table Knife 18/10 (Pack of 12)
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Theta Table Knife 18/10 (Pack of 12)

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Twentyeight is a new collection of cutlery designed specifically for the discerning diner. It was born from a desire to create an exclusive range of completely new cutlery designs with each design styled to make it the perfect accompaniment for a particular type of dining experience. Many different design concepts were considered and most were rejected but those that were selected all share one common element, a specific design idea designed to enhance the overall dining experience for the user. The final Twentyeight collection consists of five stunning patterns that represent the physical embodiment of the original design concepts that inspired them. From the drawing-board to the dining-room, the new Twentyeight collection has been designed for dining. The design concept for Theta was inspired by the idea of trying to combine both curves and flat surfaces in one unified design. Most cutlery patterns tend to be based predominantly on one approach or the other but Theta is a hybrid design which combines the best elements of both styles. A key element of the design is the knife handle which is turned through 90o from a traditional design which allows it to curve down to a beautifully slim tapered neck. .